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Mobile Applications

As more customers access the internet via mobile devices, it becomes increasingly important to reach those users. To support this shift our team ensures that web sites are accessible using mobile devices. To engage the customers we also develop web based mobile applications to support the eCommunity services and for instance provide location based information.

Web Based Applications

Mobile applications can be developed in several ways. The simplest and often most cost effective way is to build a web based application that uses the look and feel of native mobile application platforms. By using the right development framework, it is possible to develop an application once and use it on multiple platforms such as iOS, Android and Blackberry. Using this approach, web based applications can also be embedded in native platform applications which then use the online web based application to display content.

Native Apps

In cases where web based applications do not suffice, for instance because of speed requirements, offline usage, etc., the development of native mobile applications is also supported by our development team.

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